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Tower Tools is a cell phone tower app designed for taking closeout photos to document the work done on the tower and have it be reviewed in real time. Tower Tools was built for efficiency. From saving a truck roll to retake pictures to having to sort through lots of extra photos to having someone have to either memorize or keep a picture list on them. This app eliminates wasted time that those situations create.

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With the interface you can allow construction managers, project managers and office personnel the ability to see the pictures being taken in real time and reject those pictures if they are incorrect. This will allow you to be sure when your crew leaves a site that the job is done and documented properly.
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  • Stores information and photo requirements for your project.
  • Details such as address, gps coordinates, tower type and height can be included.
  • Driving instructions can be accessed from the push of a button on the job screen.
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  • Built for the end user to just pick up and start using.
  • Color coded to keep track of what pictures have been taken.
  • Uses the camera software native to the device for a familiar feel.
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  • Templates are made to suit the consumer’s needs.
  • Easy to create through a web based interface.
  • Templates are saved for use on more than one job.
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  • IOS and Android compatible for use with the majority of smart phones on the market.
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Meetour amazing team

Christopher Howell

  • A seasoned Entrepreneur and adventurist. Over the last dozen years he’s worked successfully and has established a Telecom business. He has outstanding capabilities as a team leader and the CEO of the company.
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